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Waterfall Fun!

Southern Central
Adirondack Park

The Adirondack Park contains The East’s Greatest Wilderness! With 46 mountain peaks over 4000 ft, thousands of lakes and ponds, miles of rivers and streams and a many miles of hiking and backcountry ski routes – this offers the perfect backdrop for outdoor fun and adventure.

Adirondack Treks

Adirondack Treks was founded in 2009 to provide outdoor activities for children and their parents in The South-Central Adirondack Park including the Towns of Johnsburg, Indian Lake, Long Lake, Newcomb, Minerva, Chester, Schroon Lake, Thurman and Wells.  Guests are always welcome.The mission of Adirondack Treks is to empower youth through adventure.   Building on the human need to explore and seek challenges, Adirondack Treks aims to:


  • Promote fitness and healthy life choices
  • Provide adventure through activities such as flat and whitewater paddling, hiking, rock climbing, back country skiing, and caving
  • Promote skills in team work, individual responsibility, and leadership
  • Teach knowledge of Adirondack natural ecology
  • Create an awareness of the jobs and requisite skills in the outdoor industry
  • Foster a commitment to sustainable life on Earth

Recent Adventures

Adirondack Treks, Inc. wants kids and parents to play outdoors—to play in the beautiful Adirondacks where there are mountains to hike, lake shores to camp, the magnificent Hudson to kayak, granite walls to climb. Read More about Our Trips here…

Partners with Treks

Treks enjoys major support from SUNY Adirondack Adventure Sports program, Boy Scouts of America’s Learning for Life program, Lake Placid Outing Club, Town Of Johnsburg Youth Committee, Planet Explore (a North Face program), and the Charles R. Wood Foundation.  Click here for more information.


…are used to help our programs.  There is no administration cost.  We greatly appreciate all donations. Your kind generosity goes along way in helping us in our mission. Donate Today!  Click Here

Call To Action

Kids and Parents – Join Treks today!  Enjoy a great day of adventure together.  Skilled outdoor adult? Interested in becoming a trip leader? More click here

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