263908_246243085388015_2001086_nFall 2015 Climbing Trips

Rock climbing with TREKS this Fall:

Thursday, Sept. 24 – Leave from school 2:30.  Do a quick “warm up hike” in Pack Forest, then on to Rocksport in Queensbury to climb until 7:00 pm.  Pick kids up at Wevertown at 8:00 pm.  Cost:   $15.00 ( $10 for climb, $5.00 for dinner).  Pack comfortable clothes, socks, water bottle and snacks.
Sunday, Sept. 27  – Outdoor Climb on Crane Mtn with Jay Harrison.  Meet at 12:30 pm at Crane Mtn trailhead on Ski Hi Road in Thurman.   Pick up at 5:30, same place.   Cost: $15. Wear comfortable clothing, hiking shoes, socks and bring rain gear. Also bring snacks, water bottles and  bug spray.
Friday,Oct 2  – Leave from school at 2:30.  Quick “warm up hike” in Warrensburg, on to Rocksport to climb until 9:00 pm. Pick up at Wevertown 10:00 pm   Cost:  $15.00 ( $ 10 for climb, $5.00 for dinner).  Comfortable clothes, socks, watter bottles and snacks.
Saturday Oct 17 – Indoor climb at the Crux in Willsboro. Leave Wevertown 1:30pm, return 7:30 pm. Pack snacks, water bottles, comfortable clothes and something to entertain in the car ( 1 1/2 hour car ride up and back).   Cost $10.00.
Friday October 23 – Indoor climb at Rocksport. Details same as above.
Thursday, November 5 – Indoor climb at Rocksport.  Details above.
Thursday December 10 – Indoor climb at Rocksport.  Details above.
Saturday, December 19 – Indoor climb at AIR ( Albany)  – leave Wevertown 12:00, return 8:00 pm.   Cost: $10.00.  Pack snacks, water bottle, comfortable clothes and socks, something to entertain in the car.

Questions and Sign up with Andrea Hogan 251-9938